Selena's Already Moving On With A New Guy

By Kaitlin Reilly

Sorry, Justin Bieber, but it looks like Selena Gomez may have found a new guy to send coded Instagram messages to. Selena was spotted celebrating the big 22 in St. Tropez with model buddy Cara Delevingne — and a hot mystery guy. Paparazzi snapped shots of Selena looking cozy with the anonymous guy, which, obviously, caused the entire world to flip out. Is Selena officially moving on from her longtime on-again-off-again beau, the Biebs? Good god, I hope so.

While "Jelena" fans will be saddened to see Selena on the arm of a fresh face, there's nothing that I would rather see than Selena cut emotional ties with Justin. There are a ton of ways she could move on, but sometimes the thing that really solidifies the end of a relationship is the start of something new, however casual that "something new" might be. After all, we have no idea who this guy is or why they were hanging out — for all we know, they could have been seeing each other for weeks or just met in St. Tropez. Either way, Selena looks like she's getting a good dose of healthy fun — and she needs that.

Selena's past romantic relationship seemed to really do a number on her. Selena went off to rehab to deal with issues related to overwhelming pressure from the people in her life, and while it's only speculation about whether one of those people could be Bieber, Selena could still benefit from turning over a new leaf. Bieber's toxic ways can't be good for someone looking to stay on a healthy path. Now that Bieber is dating someone new, it's the perfect time for Selena to cut all ties and move on. If having fun with a new guy is the next step she needs to take, I say more power to her.

Come on, girl, you got this.

Image: Giphy