A Very Important Breakdown of What Leonardo DiCaprio Loves & What He Hates — PHOTOS

This guy's RBF rivals mine, and that's saying something. Leonardo DiCaprio's had a busy and, by average standards, fun summer — hanging out on the beach in Miami, doing karate on a yacht with a man bun, and hosting galas in St. Tropez. But does he even like any of that stuff? At the 2014 Oscars, DiCaprio shocked us when he revealed that he hates pizza, but it appears that we've finally found something he loves — SuperSoakers. On Tuesday, The Cut tweeted a photo of DiCaprio looking ecstatic while brandishing a SuperSoaker and now we know exactly what Leo loves.

I know, you're totally shocked — I am too. Considering all of the time's we've seen DiCaprio looking downright miserable while doing things that you'd consider really fun, how could something so simple bring him this much joy? (Seriously, we're never going to forget that pizza incident at the Oscars.) Well, apparently it's not the finer perks of celebrity life that turn Leo's frown upside down — it's, to put it simply, playing.

So, what does Leonardo DiCaprio not hate? Here's everything you need to know about what the Wolf of Wall Street star loves and just plain hates.

What Leo Really Loves


I feel like we've never seen this guy so happy like, ever. I didn't even know his face was capable of this.

Karate & Man Buns On Yachts

He's smiling again! Proof that lightening strikes twice, I suppose.

Sticking His Face Out The Windows Of Cars

Pure joy.

What Leo Really Hates


Never forget.

White T's At The Beach

Really feeling the disdain and blatant disgust here.

Being At The World Cup

The struggle is real. Sorry, bro.

These are just the essentials, but it's probably safe to assume that Leo hates your Oscar jokes, too.