9 'Frozen' Mysteries That 'OUAT' Needs to Solve

The verdict is in: Frozen is the best Disney movie ever. It might not be everyone's favorite Disney movie (I still refuse to knock Mulan out of that spot), but it's definitely one of their most popular. Even better, Frozen continues to break records all over the world because women are running the box office and it's about time Hollywood took notice of that fact. Frozen's popularity is so massive that it increases the popularity of anything it touches, which is why Once Upon a Time 's decision to incorporate Frozen into season 4 is basically guaranteed to give the show a boost in ratings the likes of which it has never seen before. Add that to the fact that Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Hans, and Pabbie have already been cast and the buzz around season 4 is intense.

Of course, no matter how much you love Frozen, you can't deny that there were a lot of parts in the movie that didn't make any sense. No, I'm not talking about Kristoff riding a reindeer like it's a horse or the animated snowmen Olaf and Marshmallow. Those are just standard Disney fare. I mean there are some aspects of the plot that, even if you accept everything else, still don't make any sense. Once Upon a Time season 4 takes place after the events of Frozen, which means it's a perfect opportunity for them to answer some of these burning questions.

Where did Elsa's powers come from?

In the Film: According to the king and queen, Elsa was born with her powers rather than cursed. However, no one else in her family has ice powers, so, seriously, where did they come from?

OUAT's Take: Everything on Once Upon a Time seems to come back to Rumplestiltskin or Henry, so maybe Elsa's parents made a deal with the Dark One to conceive their first child. Since all magic comes with a price, her ice magic could have been it.

Where are Kristoff's parents?

In the Film: Kristoff shows up as a plucky young orphan in the opening song, accompanied by no one but a baby reindeer. The other men he's with clearly aren't watching him because they nearly leave him behind and don't even notice when he goes off to see the trolls. Who was watching him before the trolls?

OUAT's Take: If you've got a character of mysterious parentage, the odds are good that he's related to Henry. Maybe Kristoff is Prince Charming's half-brother. Charming was born a shepherd and we don't know who his real father is, so it could happen.

Why did Pabbie erase Anna's memories of Elsa's magic?

In the Film: Elsa accidentally freezes Anna's head and their parents take them to the rock trolls to get her fixed. Pabbie is able to undo the ice magic on Anna's head, but he also decides to erase her memories of Elsa's magic as a precaution. A precaution against what exactly? Because the answer is nothing.

OUAT's Take: Since Pabbie is going to appear on Once Upon a Time, they had better ask him about this little memory wipe. I have no idea what kind of explanation he would give, but it had better be good.

Where were Anna and Elsa's parents going?

In the Film: The king and queen of Arendelle just kind of take off on a two-week voyage to who-knows-where and leave their two children, who aren't speaking to each other, alone in the castle with the servants.

OUAT's Take: No idea. Were they off to see the Wizard? Sailing to a new realm to find a cure for Elsa's ice magic? Off to visit mysterious relatives of Anna and Elsa? And, if they were, why didn't they take Elsa and Anna with them?

Why doesn't Kristoff recognize Anna and Elsa?

In the Film: Kristoff witnesses the entire exchange in which Pabbie cures Anna and gives Elsa advice on how to handle her magic. In fact, that's how he gets adopted by the trolls. Yet, when he meets Anna later in the movie, he doesn't give even a hint that he's ever seen her before and it's not like he was too young to remember.

OUAT's Take: Maybe Kristoff is saving that revelation for when he makes his vows at his and Anna's wedding. Think of how much sweeter "I've loved you since the first moment I saw you" is going to sound when you add "which was roughly when we were both, what, seven?"

How exactly did Elsa make a dress and skates with ice magic?

In the Film: Listen, I can accept that Elsa can make stairs and a living snowman and an entire ice palace with her magic. But how exactly do ice and snow produce a dress, shoes, a cape, and — after she and Anna make up — a pair of ice skates? How does that make sense?

OUAT's Take: Elsa's powers are clearly more mysterious than just being simple ice magic. Exploring that magic — which on OUAT is probably going to be dark magic — could be a significant portion of her story arc. Especially if she takes Regina as a teacher.

Why does it take Elsa ten minutes to run up the North Mountain when it takes Anna and Kristoff half the movie?

In the Film: In the time between when Elsa runs away from the castle and when she finishes singing "Let It Go", Anna isn't even part of the way up the mountain yet. And she's on horseback. It takes Anna and Kristoff half the movie to scale that mountain on foot, so how did Elsa get up there so fast?

OUAT's Take: The only explanation for this is that she can fly on ice flurries or something. I mean, she wasn't even leaving footprints in the snow behind her as she walked up the mountain so there are clearly things about Elsa's powers that we don't understand.

What ever happened to Marshmallow?

In the Film: Poor Marshmallow gets kicked off a mountain and we never hear from him again.

OUAT's Take: I'd like to believe that Marshmallow has become the new guardian of the North Mountain in Elsa's absence. After all, the heirs to the throne of Arendelle now have a winter palace in the mountains that they can retire to whenever they want and they don't need it to be robbed by ice harvesters.

Why did they send Hans back to his brothers?

In the Film: Last I checked, Hans attempted to kill two people who also happened to be heirs to the throne of a country. And to punish him you... take him home? Ooh, scary.

OUAT's Take: Hans is returning for Once Upon a Time season 4, so clearly Anna and Elsa are going to see their error in not jailing or executing them. They couldn't very well do so in a Disney movie, but on Once Upon a Time anything can happen to you when you piss off the wrong people...

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