This App Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

From getting pregnant to dating, there's an app for everything along the love and sex spectrum these days because duh, it's 2013 and we live out our lives via our phones. There's even one that helps you make your relationship better: Kahnoodle.

Kahnoodle is designed to make sure busy couple "stay connected." It does so by reminding you to do special things for your partner, creating "love coupons," allowing you to give your partner "love kudos" when you're satisfied with them, sending messages and more. The app centers around the idea of a "love tank," which gets filled by planning special dates and showing your significant other that you're thinking of him or her. Zuhairah Scott Washington said of his app:

“Couples have a desire to go out and do something new, but oftentimes they’re tired. The mobile app… incorporates a lot of research on what makes relationships successful but gamifies it to make it fun, makes it fun to do the work required to keep relationships fresh.”

Gamifies? Uh, what? That term is at the center of what Kahnoodle does, which is essentially making relationship maintenance into a fun game that both you and your significant other play. Sound gimmicky? It is, kinda. But couples who use it really seem to like it, at least according to the ones who talked to The Atlantic. Kahnoodle's just launched a new service, called Kahnoodle Concierge, which plans dates for couples; all they have to do is show up.

While I can see how these app would be great for some people, I have to say that I find it a little... impersonal. I'm glued to my phone as much as anyone (my boyfriend both recognizes and despises my phone's tweet alert sound), but I don't think I'd be interested in relying on an app to better my romantic relationship. That's just me, though. Would you try it?