Big Brother's Amber Needs Caleb To Stop Harassing Her about Her Tragic Past

And here I thought the Caleb and Amber situation on Big Brother couldn’t get more uncomfortable and sad to watch. Well, on Monday it did. We all know Caleb as this guy who is preying on Amber, forcing her to go on dates, talking about marriage, a ton of terrifying things for someone who you’ve only known for about 30 days to be talking about. Then, we learn that Caleb wants to scare Amber into believing she is going home so she will come crawling back to him. He says, “She needs to learn her place in this house.” Unfortunately for Caleb, his plan backfired when the entire house decided they were going to evict Amber this Thursday, something Caleb never planned for.

So with it being a stressful time for Amber, trying to campaign to save herself and remove any association she had with Caleb from the houseguests’ minds, the last thing she needs is to be bothered by Caleb about their nonexistent relationship. But because Caleb can’t really pick up on social cues like that (because if he could, he would realize Amber has NO interest in him), he continues to push Amber into opening up about something she clearly doesn’t want to talk about.

It all started when Caleb and her were talking and once again, Amber told Caleb she doesn’t want a relationship, but this time she was more upset about it.

I understand why Amber wouldn’t want to get into her personal story in front of America, and more importantly, with Caleb. It really isn’t anyone’s business but her own, and if she doesn’t want to share it, then she shouldn’t have to. A lot of people would take the opportunity in a heartbeat to garner some sympathy votes, but Amber is only gaining respect in my book, proving she is a strong, independent player who doesn’t need to elaborate on anything she doesn’t want to.

But knowing that she did go through something that upsets her so much makes the Caleb harassing her situation even more difficult to watch. Can’t Caleb just take a hint and learn to let her be? Of course he can’t.

Whether Amber decides to open up about the situation is completely up to her, and she shouldn’t feel pressured to do so if it doesn’t feel right. Plus, if she were to tell anyone, Caleb would probably be the last person she would want to tell, since he isn’t exactly the most stable person to rely on. Especially because it seems as if one of the reasons she is going home this week is because people are too afraid to evict Caleb instead.

Images: CBS