'Big Brother's Caleb Wants To Teach Amber A Lesson By Nominating Her — SPOILERS

Caleb Reynolds. What more could there possibly be to say about Caleb on Big Brother . Shockingly, a lot. The guy fell in love, then hated Amber, then forced Amber on a date by eating a pickle, then talked about proposing to her in Germany, and now, he wants to scare her back to his side by nominating her as a replacement nominee. Yes, everything you're thinking is true; Caleb can actually get worse than he already was on Big Brother.

Saturday night on Big Brother After Dark, Frankie, the current Head of Household, and his alliance members devised a plan to backdoor Amber. Hayden won the Power of Veto — welcome to the game, Hayden — and was told he should use it on Victoria so the house could backdoor Amber. I'm not sure if everyone knows about this plan, but there were two people that certainly weren't aware of the situation, Caleb and Amber. But since Amber threw shade at Caleb, or as a normal person would put it, decided not to talk to Caleb, he decided he needed to take matters into his own hands and teach Amber a lesson about crossing him, as he told Frankie Saturday night.

Caleb's plan involves the following: Hayden will use the POV on Jocasta, and Frankie will replace her with Amber. Caleb doesn't want her to be evicted — jokes on him — he just wants to "scare" her into thinking she is going home, this way she learns where her loyalty should be. I kid you not, this is Caleb's mindset. It's terrifying. He says, "I don't want her to go home, I just want her to know what her place is in this house." *AND THE WHOLE WORLD SHUDDERS*. Since when did it become Caleb's place to say what Amber's place is in the Big Brother house? Caleb hopes that if Amber hears that there could possibly be a backdoor that she'll think it might be because of "how she is treating Caleb." He just knows that "she is going to come crawling back to him (Caleb) for safety."

Frankie's face during the entire conversation was pure shock, and rightly so. If this didn't solidify that Caleb is a true psychopath in this game, I don't know what will. Oh, wait, maybe the fact that he said if Amber stays quiet then she can stay, but if she goes off and starts running her mouth, then she is out the door. So Caleb basically wants to scare Amber into becoming silent and stop playing the game for her own benefit. Seriously, is it too much to ask that we get a lawyer up in the Big Brother house to draw up some restraining order paper work? I think everyone will sleep with a little more peace of mind then, including me.

It will be interesting/hilarious to see Caleb's face if Frankie's plan works out to actually evict Amber. Will Caleb see it that he was the one who decided to put her in danger and he was the reason she got evicted, so he should decide to self-evict? Or am I just dreaming?

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