‘Sharknado 2’ Features Matt Lauer & Al Roker But the TV Cameos Shouldn’t Stop There — VIDEO

The cast list for Sharknado 2: The Second One just keeps getting weirder. Al Roker and Matt Lauer previewed their Sharknado cameos on Tuesday morning's Today show. The clip shows Lauer asking for a weather update and a very concerned Roker gravely warning of two EF2 sharknados that could, wait for it, combine to form an EF5 sharknado in the heart of Manhattan (famously known as the "Kansas of the northeast"). This is concerning because, as we're all no doubt aware, an EF5 tornado has enough power to damage steel-reinforced skyscrapers. Just like the ones in Manhattan!

Sharknado star Ian Ziering was on hand to answer the burning question of whether or not you need to see the original Sharknado to, as Al Roker says, "appreciate the subtlety" (God love ya, Roker) of the sequel. To the shock of what I'm confident is no one, there's no prerequisite viewing necessary. In fact, Ziering sums up the plot pretty succinctly: "It's sharks and tornados."


But Ziering wasn't just there to tease Roker and Lauer's involvement, Ziering also hinted at some additional cameos in the film and took some suggestions for guest stars for possible future installments in the franchise.

Sharknado 2 premieres on July 30, so it's probably a little too late for additions to the sequel, but I'd be happy to contribute some suggestions of other shows that should be featured the next time around.

First off, I'm sure there's going to be quite a lot of shark meat just lying around in the wake of a possible EF5 sharknado. To me, that just screams for a Chopped cameo. The secret ingredient is shark!

Although the Today ladies made their interest in participating in a third installment known, I have another group of women in mind: the panelists of The View. Obviously, Barbara Walters would have to be invited back to the panel, if for no other reason than the sheer joy of hearing her say "sharknado."

Finally, let's face it, the sharks have been the bad guys for way too long now and what better way to humanize them than with a shark wedding? Of course "shark" is not an easy body type to dress, but I'd like to think Randy Fenoli and the rest of the Say Yes to the Dress gang are up to the challenge.

Basically, if I had it my way, all future installments of Sharknado would just be an endless string of television show cameos tied together by Tara Reid as a contestant on each one. Here's hoping!