All 19 of Miley Cyrus’ Bed Selfies with Her Dogs Because She Just Can’t Stop — PHOTOS

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Miley Cyrus really enjoys a bed full of puppies. In fact, it would appear that lying in bed with her dogs is her most treasured pastime, right behind crafting macabre sculptures out of tinker toys. On Tuesday, Miley Cyrus posted a picture of her dog and herself lying about in their birthday suits. Perhaps she's just trying to get more in tune with the canine experience to empathize with Emu better? In either case, the message it clear —"I didn't even bother to put on clothes today, and neither did my dog. Our day is better than yours."

This is hardly the singer's first instance of "puppy in the sheets" selfies. There is a considerable photo archive of Cyrus lying languidly about with her pups in bed. So, here it is folks, from Floyd to Emu and all the canines in between — a comprehensive history of Miley Cyrus' bed selfies with her dogs.

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