These Girls 'Bring It!' on Lifetime's Dance Show

For as long as there's been reality TV, networks have known there are two factors that will always draw viewers and ensure viral moments: kids and competitions. Like chocolate and peanut butter, it only makes sense to combine the two. Lifetime already struck gold once with Dance Moms , so the channel essentially created a Southern fried version with Bring It! Now nearing the end of its first season, Bring It! stars an all-female hip hop majorette crew — the Dancing Dolls — from Jackson, Miss. The troupe, whose members range in age from seven to 17, is coached by Dianna "Miss D" Williams, a lady who appears to to have spent a semester or two at the Abby Lee School of Yelling at Young Children. Her rants may seem over the top, but Miss D has the credentials to support her aggressive coaching style: since 2001, when the Dolls was formed, the girls have won 15 Grand Championships and over 100 smaller competitions. Apparently, they really do "bring it."

The show has become increasingly popular since its debut in March—so much so that Lifetime ordered an additional 10 episodes less than two months after Bring It! premiered. Let's find out what makes the Dancing Dolls' standout girls so exciting to watch.


Camryn started out the season as the squad drill captain, before moving up to co-captain after beating out a lot of other Dolls who wanted the position. (Co-captain is different from head co-captain, but I'm not really sure how. I think Miss D screams louder at the head co-captain.) Camryn has been with the Dolls since she was five, and she's one of the most driven girls in the group. Her braces-filled smiles are adorable beams of sunshine.

Here's Camryn's tryout routine that won her the co-captain spot.


At nine years old, Crystianna is one of the youngest members of the Dolls, but she's already the new drill captain, taking over after Camryn earned her new position. This girl is a beast, but sometimes she can be shy or self-conscious because she's intimidated by the older Dolls. She also has a really sweet relationship with her aunt Rittany, who's raising her. Rittany, a former All-American cheerleader, is using dance to help build up Crystianna's confidence.

Here's the routine Crystianna used to make drill captain.


At 16, Sunjai is among the oldest of the Dolls. She's a driven and talented dancer, but her mom Selena is even more passionate about her career than she is. Selena pushes her daughter hard, and she's obviously living vicariously through her— classic stage mom behavior that will be familiar to anyone who watches Dance Moms, Toddler in Tiaras, or similar shows. Sunjai sometimes fights back and tries to get Selena to ease up. But when Selena explains her motivation for wanting her daughter to be the best, it makes a lot of sense why she sometimes pushes Sunjai too hard. Selena had her first child when she was 14, so she's just trying to ensure that her kids have everything she never did.

Watch Sunjai work it in this Michael Jackson number.


Kayla is 17 and the captain of the Dancing Dolls, which means she's the HBIC of this entire show. When you see her dance, you understand why Miss D put her at the front of her squad. Kayla's sacrificed a lot to get to where she is, so she doesn't take any nonsense from her crew. Sometimes the stress can get to her, and she feels badly when the Dolls don't win, or when she thinks she could have done better. As captain, Kayla has a lot of solos during performances, which only adds to pressure she's already under.

Here's a clip of Kayla's life as team captain.

To see more of this talented group, check out Bring It! Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

Images: Karolina Wojtasik/A&E; A&E (4)