23 'Friends' Moments That Exemplify Friendship

I don’t know if you know that we know this, but July 30 is considered to be the International Day of Friendship. It's a day dedicated to celebrating the close ties one human being shares with another. Could this topic BE any more important? The occasion is special not just because I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to Friends (I mean, I totally do, but that’s a conversation for another day… with my therapist) but because when it comes to commemorating the concept of lifelong BFFs, nobody does it better than our six favorite Central Perk coffee drinkers.

Yup, this gang knew how to make friendship last, no matter what crazy obstacles life threw in their way. In fact, we would all do well to take a leaf out of this particular friendship book — because when the chips are down and the rain starts to pour, these guys were always there to lend a helping hand. I could write pages upon pages (FRONT AND BACK) of all the important lessons this show has taught me about life and friendship throughout its 10 year run, but here are the most important ones to keep in mind. After all, without your friends, life’s just a moo point. (Clap, clap, clap, clap!)

Capture Every Moment

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You're Never Too Old for the Occasional Dance Party

It doesn't matter how foolish you look. We're all friends here.

Embarrassing Moments Are Meant to Be Shared

Chances are, someone else in your group has had it way worse.

Sometimes, It's Okay to Play With Your Food

Especially when it involves cheering someone up (and a turkey wearing sunglasses).

Be Sure to Ask Permission Before Wearing Your BFF's Clothes

And always, ALWAYS wear underwear.

The Friends Who Nap Together, Stay Together

Snuggling: it's not just for couples!

The Truest Test to Any Friendship Is Agreeing to Move Furniture


And How You Respond in a Jellyfish Crisis

Not that's real love.

There's More Than One Way to Have a Heart-to-Heart

Just play to your strengths and you'll be just fine.

When Fighting, Just Remember There's Always Two Sides to Every Story

No matter how controversial it may be.

Stay Up-To-Date on Each Other's Job Titles

That knowledge may prove to be very helpful someday.

Teamwork Is the Key to Good Problem Solving

Hint: fire beats everything… except water balloon.

There's Nothing Wrong With a Little Constructive Criticism

Just as long as it's said in the right tone.

Be Happy In Your Own Skin

Your friends will love you no matter what.

Protect Each Other From Danger

But don't actually be the danger.

Be There For Each Other in the Good Times...

Which are hopefully often.

The Hard Times...

We've all been there.

And Even the Really Dumb Times…

Gotta love Vegas.

Remember That Siblings Can Actually Become Amazing Friends

And dance partners. You know, once you get past those awkward teen years.

And Sometimes Words Just Aren't Necessary

*all the feels*

And While Dating Friends Can Be Extremely Risky

Like seriously.

They End Up Reaping the Greatest Rewards

So good.

And Even Though Life Can Change, That Doesn't Mean Some Things Can't Remain the Same


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