Ali Can't Be Trusted

This is just totally screwed up. I've been trying really hard, ever since Alison lied to the Rosewood police in the Season 5 premiere, to believe that she isn't just screwing with everyone. But Tuesday night's episode of Pretty Little Liars , "Scream For Me," proved that Alison DiLaurentis doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Because she's straight-up, 100 percent batshit crazy and Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria should quit while they're ahead.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if PLL pulled a Gossip Girl and revealed that Ali's been "A" this entire time and she's just been leading us all astray for the past five seasons. That'd be ridiculous, but what she did on Tuesday night is inexcusable, even for her. Ali conned her way into staying with Hanna and Mrs. Marin all so she could trick Mrs. Marin into believing her entirely bullshit story about where she's been and what happened to her. Because she needed someone to be on her side and stand up for her in front of Turner. Really, Ali?

Basically, Hanna didn't want Ali staying with her — because Hanna's smarter than all of her friends, everyone's parents, and even us. But Ali went behind her back and sold her sob-story to Mrs. Marin, winning her and her expensive bath salts over just so she could blatantly use her. Ali played her terrified victim card and claimed that she'd heard someone outside Hanna's window that night, so she slept in a sad, little nest in the closet, prompting Mrs. Marin to go into mamma bear-mode. She takes care of her, calls the school to excuse her absence, and suggests they go out to dinner, but while they're getting ready to leave "A" breaks in. Well, at least we thought it was "A."

In the final moments of the episode, Ali comes clean to Emily and Spencer that she'd planned the entire break-in at the Marin house so she'd have an adult on her side. The "A" we saw was actually Noel Kahn and, well, Ali is officially a Grade-A sneaky bitch that can't be trusted.

Hopefully, Ali's confession is enough to make everyone realize — in conjunction with her sneaking around outside of Spencer's during last Tuesday's episode — that maybe blinding following her and protecting her isn't the best thing to do. Because, well, she doesn't actually deserve it.

Image: ABC Family