Who Was The Best Dressed in "Scream for Me?"

We got off to a good start, outfit-wise, even if we didn't get off to a good start in pretty much every other respect this episode. Hanna's still struggling with her alcohol intake, and Ali's getting pulled out of choir practice (who knew the girls were in choir? Also, how fitting that they'd be singing the ever-ominous "Greensleeves") for questioning by Lt. Tanner. Oh, and to make matters even worse, while Ali was otherwise occupied getting questioned, 'A' has their way with the "Greensleeves" sheet music, and Aria is seriously mad at Hanna for blabbing about New York to creepy Sidney.

And that was just in the first scene. We also had Ali's Machiavellian shenanigans to deal with, Spencer and Emily literally almost got trampled to death by a horse, and Hanna got majorly creeped on by Ella's fiancé, Zach. Which was a cool storyline, by the way — not cool in that she's getting creeped on, but cool in the way she dealt with it (minus the booze, of course), and also in the way it portrays the situation.

You don't always think of Pretty Little Liars as a morality show for its largely pre-teen audience, but seeing the negative way Spencer, Emily, and especially Aria reacted to Hanna's confession reminds us all how important it is not to blame the victim, and Hanna's forthrightness reminds us that we need to speak up, even when it would be easier not to. It was kind of a "Goofus and Gallant" situation (if Goofus had the added stress of a philandering father and Shana-murder-guilt hanging over his head, which, let's face it, he probably did).


Back to clothes: at least all this happened when all were dressed in some of their fabbest looks of the season. I mean, Spencer's multi-textured ensemble? Hanna's artfully-ripped tights, boots and copious necklaces combo? Emily's mustard yellow bomber jacket (and perfectly coordinated scarf)? Ali's tuxedo-inspired jacket and bright floral mini?

(Aria's camo dress was pretty adorable, too:)

As were Emily and Spencer's equestrian outfits (Spencer does gingham so well, doesn't she?), and Ali's leather top:

(Though Noel Kahn as 'A'? Even as a red herring? Been there, done that.)

It was tough choosing this week, but I think I'd have to give the MVP to Spencer! Her red and black blouse and pleated skirt combo was somehow like Spencer-squared — the ultimate preppy outfit, but with a super-fashionable edge.

Images: ABC Family; dailypll, prettylittleliarsquestions