What Happened to 'Catfish' Couple Antoinette & T-Lights? Well, There's Good News If You Have a Crush on T-Lights

After three seasons, it's the norm that most episodes of Catfish don't have a happy ending. How can anyone expect one on a show that's basically about lying in online relationships? But once in awhile, Max and Nev throw a story our way where both parties are actually telling the truth, and we all get to be pleasantly surprised. One episode that gave us that brief glimpse of hope? "Antoinette and T-Lights," which showed us what can happen when people are, you know, actually up front about who they are, even when it can be just as easy to change a few details. OK, yeah, usually, if someone refuses to meet you in person or even video chat, they're probably not who they say they are — but in this case, that's totally not what happened.

In case you've forgotten after a glorious summer filled with many new Catfish episodes, Antoinette was a waitress living in Texas who was famous on Instagram. Yep, being famous on Instagram is actually a thing. Anyway, her good looks attracted the attention of an up and coming rapper named T-Lights (real name: Albert), and although they've been communicating nonstop for over two years, they've never met — and every attempt Antoinette's ever made to FaceTime with Albert has been thwarted. After a little investigation, it seemed like Antoinette could be talking to T-Lights' married brother, which would've been a nightmare. Obviously, this girl needed answers, right? So for the first time in Catfish history, the gang pulled a surprise attack on T-Lights at one of his gigs, and shockingly enough, Antoinette's dream rapper was exactly who he said he was.

So what happened after the camera crew left? We learned from Nev and Max's Skype update that, because of the distance between Florida and Texas, the couple ultimately decided not to date, and instead, Antoinette was dating someone local. And in case you were holding out hope that they'd eventually realize they were made for each other, I'm going to have to disappoint you — It seems like the two aren't very close at all these days.



After a little Instagram investigation, I found out that while Antoinette and T-Lights aren't dating, Antoinette's found love elsewhere, and he might even be the love interest she was talking about in her Skype update. She seems to be dating a guy named Nick, and it appears they've adopted the cutest dog ever together.

Otherwise, it sounds like Antoinette stayed true to her promise to Max and Nev (and her dad) to clean up her Instagram act. Although the selfies are plentiful, none of them are nearly as nude as they once were. Her Insta-celeb status clearly hasn't suffered either, considering the fact that she still has over 100,000 followers. There's also plenty of twerking going on. And I mean, a lot of twerking. Like, Miley Cyrus would be completely jealous. That kind of level of twerking.



And as for T-Lights? He's not dating anyone, but he's still making music. His group, The Twentys, has pulled in over 11,000 Twitter followers, which is obviously no small feat. And in case you fell in love with the rapper while watching Catfish, you could be in luck — according to a post on his personal Twitter, he's accepting applications for a cuddle buddy. Anyone up for the challenge?

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Nov. 25, 2014. It was updated on Sept. 6, 2019. Antoinette's Instagram has since been made private, while T-Lights' band's Twitter has since been deleted.