Scar Jo Hacked Off Her Hair

That normally voluptuous and pouty-lipped vixen Scarlett Johansson is expecting her first child and she done hacked off all of her hair while waiting for the bundle of joy to get here. She is gaining a child, but lost her hair in the process. A fair swap, wouldn't you say?

It's a drastic cut that's a hybrid of a pixie and a bob, which means that maybe it's a "pob?" In fact, the newly-shorn actress, who was spotted in NYC, looks like she is in the in-between phase of growing out a pixie into a bob; that's a hair scenario that most women hate enduring when growing out a previous short cut.

See what you have done, Scar Jo? You've created a new hairstyle but it was likely a utilitarian move designed to prevent you from having to deal with nonsense like hair while pregnant deep into the hot weather season. On anyone else it would look way mom-tastic, but Johansson makes the whole thing look incredibly sexy, obviously.

We're used to seeing her with long, lush, and golden waves, which spill across her incredibly enviable and covetable cleavage. Yes, I know, she's blessed with so many physical gifts, most of which she will be passing on to her spawn via DNA. #LuckyKid and #GeneticJackpot. Here's the "pop" in all it's glory.

Pretty fantastic, right? But the actress has had a questionable cut or two in her life. Like the infamous mullet. 'Member that less-than-flattering 'do from 2003? In case you forgot, let your eyes drift downward for a hot sec.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lord, those lips. I think those are poutier than Angelina Jolie's. But in all seriousness, since the pouty-lipped actress is eight months preggers during the dog days of summer, the last thing she is probably concerned with is her hair. Having to deal with long locks when bursting with a baby bump is probably not a priority. I would not be shocked if she decided to get shorn to keep it out of her face, off her neck, and out of her life, really.

Then again, she is Scar Jo and she is hotter than a stifling August day so she can pull this off. It's not glam, but it has enough versatility, thanks to the length, so she can do stuff with it as needed.

Johansson's baby daddy is her fiancée Romain Dauriac. They are due next month. When are they getting married? Their wedding details are TBD, but here is some intel about the Johansson x Dauriac nuptials.

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