What Happened In 'Sharknado'? Because You Know 'Sharknado 2' Will Be Full of Callbacks

The phenomenon has returned! Sharknado 2: The Second One , the sequel to Syfy's hit disaster movie Sharknado, premieres on Wednesday night and if the pre-released clip where a shark takes over an NYC subway is any indication, this movie will probably be just as amazing as its predecessor. But before we all get our corn popped, drinks filled (preferably with alcohol for some kind of drinking game), debate the actual occurrence of a sharknado, and settle into our couches for the movie event of the summer — sorry, every movie in theaters right now — let's take a moment to reflect back on what brought us to this special night. What exactly happened in Sharknado that shocked and entertained us oh so much? Recap time!

Image: Syfy

The Intro Has Nothing To Do With The Plot — Of Course

So a weird Asian businessman tries to steal money and a ship from some random Russian-sounding fisherman, gets shot in the leg by one and them immediately gets eaten by a shark that is swept onto the boat where they’re all standing. And then we never hear from them again. I guess that’s one way to create some exposition.

Time To Meet Our Heroes

First we meet the main man Finley Shepherd, aka Fin. He runs a beachside bar appropriately (albeit boringly) named Fin’s Bar. His bartender is this chick named Nova who has a scar on her leg from a childhood shark attack so now she hates sharks. Fitting. Fin is also the ex-husband of one Tara Reid — named April in the film — and they have a daughter named Claudia and a son named Matt, but we don’t know Matt just yet.

Image: Syfy

The First Real Taste Of Blood In The Water

People are coming into Fin’s Bar for help as a huge storm rushes in and brings tons of sharks onto the shore that are just straight up eating everyone. When one shark gets into the bar, bartender Nova stabs it square in the head and kills it dead. Not sure that would have been my reaction, I probably would have said WTF, gotten into a car and driven all the way to Wyoming or something. No crazy disaster movies ever take place in Wyoming, do they? Eventually, the crew goes looking for April and Claudia, but get stuck in traffic. They try to run around helping people on the road and whatnot when one of Fin’s friends gets eaten by a shark. It’s fine, we didn’t really know him too well.

Image: Syfy (screengrab)

Tara Reid Is Saved! Her New Boyfriend? Not So Much

Finally, Fin and Nova get to April and Claudia at their home and a shark flies through the window and eats April’s new boyfriend. Convenient for Fin I guess, and for the sharks. Poor things, they’re probably super confused and hungry. The larger gang then decides to get the hell out of dodge — FINALLY — but then Fin sees a bus full of children about to get eaten. So he takes the spelunking equipment that he apparently just always has handy in his car to save the kids. All of them. That’s right, everyone in that scene is somehow miraculously okay.

Image: Syfy

Time To Meet April & Fin's Son!

The gang reaches Matt at his job at the airport and everyone gets their first glimpse at the best part of the whole movie: the Sharknado itself.

Image: Syfy (screengrab)

A Man With A Completely Ridiculous Yet Somehow Effective Plan

Matt then comes up with a brilliant (not) plan: Let’s throw bombs at the incoming sharknado and kill all the sharks before they can hurt everyone! Great, right? At this point, sure, why the hell not. Matt and Nova go into a helicopter and start chucking explosives at the sharknado. And somehow this is working. Seriously, how is this working?

Image: Syfy (screengrab)

An Unfortunate Accident

While this plan is in action, people are dying left and right down on the ground. And Fin and the rest of the gang are trying to shoot bullets at the incoming sharks in the air. But then a shark comes at the helicopter and forces Nova to fall out and land into the mouth of another shark.

Image: Syfy (screengrab)

The Incredible Ending To An Incredible Film

At some point during all this commotion, Fin drives a giant Hummer with bombs inside into the last of the sharknados. It detonates but there’s still one giant shark coming at him and the gang. So what does he do? The only awesome thing he can do. He takes a chainsaw and chainsaws his way through the shark and out the side.

Image: Syfy (Screengrab)

The Awesome Cherry On Top

When Fin emerges from the shark, we also realize that this was the same shark that swallowed up Nova when she fell out of the chopper. So naturally fin revives her and everyone lives happily every after. For now… *cue evil Sharknado laugh here*

Image: Syfy (screengrab)