You'll Have To Wait For The New YSL Foundation

Whether it's because they've got a super hot model as the face of their campaign or because their product is made with "space-age technology," one thing's for sure — this French beauty line's latest makeup endeavor might just be the most highly anticipated foundation of all time. According to Marie Claire UK, the YSL 'space age' Fusion Foundation has a 12,000 person long waiting list — and it's not even out yet.

While I'm sure choosing Cara Delevingne as the campaign's spokesperson had a little something to do with the product's popularity, I strongly believe it has everything to do with how it was made and what it can do — YSL Labs are promising it to be the most "scientifically advanced make-up in the world."

According to Telegraph UK, YSL Labs are using the same material used by NASA to trap fine particles in outer space. Apparently, lipophilic active has a honeycomb surface that can absorb "four times its weight in sebum" resulting in a foundation that goes on smooth, creating a matte finish that can withstand all weather conditions — rain, sun, heat and humidity.

So, here's the main takeaway: this foundation is some high-tech stuff. And if what they're saying is true, it might be the best, long-lasting and weightless foundation on the market. The product goes on sale in the UK on August 10. No word on when the US release date will be, but consider me sold.