What Is An Esthetician? 'Big Brother's Amber Has Skills That Will Make You Jealous

The Big Brother house is full of a variety of people and jobs this season. To name a few to prove the range, there's Frankie, the YouTube star and Broadway performer; Donny, the groundskeeper to the stars (well, Kellie Pickler); Hayden, the pedicab driver; and Amber, the esthetician. So what exactly is an esthetician? I know Amber is a model, but her job description on the show says "esthetician" — then again Cody's says "sales account executive" and he's apparently an underwear model — so I don't know what to believe.

So first things first, let's get to the bottom of the job of an esthetician. According to US News, an esthetician, or skin care specialist, cleanses and "beautifies" clients overall appearance. I've always thought Amber looked cleansed and beautified, so this makes complete sense. The job description on US News continues to say, "Typically, people who engage in this type of work care deeply about helping people," which is great for the other houseguests, Amber just wants to help them. Let Amber help you, houseguests!

So an esthetician is someone who works with clients to better their skin condition and appearance, along with aiding in makeup application and overall bettering of their skin. So what are Amber's specialties as an esthetician? Luckily, she provided them on her LinkedIn. Amber considers her skills to be: Brazilian waxing, waxing in general, facials, detoxification, plant peels, makeup artistry (she does have really amazing makeup), foot reflexology, and aromatherapy, just to name a few. So basically, Amber is the best person to be in the Big Brother house with, based on this skill set.

Amber attended the Douglas J Aveda Institute in 2012 through 2013, where she studied esthetics. She writes on her profile that she has an "interest in the aesthetician position, stylist, or makeup artisty." Her goal was to move to New York and pursue such a career through utilizing the expertise she already has from her training. She continues to say that she is "very passionate about working in the setting of a spa or fashion environment," which we know from her modeling past.

Amber's esthetician training has some of the houseguests torn on her eminent eviction this Thursday. Amber may be an unpredictable houseguest, as Frankie puts it, but she does Nicole's makeup, so they are really going to have to figure out their priorities in the house.

Images: CBS