Janelle Monae "Electric Lady" Video Sizzles (Yeah, I Said It) — VIDEO

When I say Janelle Monae's new video for "Electric Lady" sizzles, it's not just an attempt at meeting my weekly pun quota. Seriously, this is the sexiest visual offering I've seen from Monáe to date. As a huge fan, I can assure you the "Q.U.E.E.N." singer has much more going for her than her sex appeal, but the chick is so talented and filled with self-assurance that she can't even hide it. That is precisely why I've had this video on repeat for the past hour.Who knows why it's just now being released—the single is the title track off The Electric Lady album Monáe dropped last year. But who cares about timing? Let's get into all the reasons I am absolutely loving this video. First of all, in six minutes and 12 seconds, Monáe managed to convince me that she has some pretty nice acting skills. As a college student hanging out and dancing with her friends, she's totally not her normal tuxedoed, buttoned up self. Sure, she can (and does) go absolutely insane during her performances, but in "Electric Lady" Monáe eases into a more casual, relaxed zone that suits her just as well as the super energetic, over-the-top performer we're accustomed to seeing.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another fun aspect to the video is the homage Monáe pays to African-American fraternities and sororities. Monáe's character belongs to the fictitious "Electro Phi Beta" sorority, which includes TLC's T-Boz, Esperanza Spalding and Estelle among its members.

If you're a true Monáe fan, you know that before she became a mainstream artist, she didn't sport her signature, perfectly coiffed pompadour or her tailored black and white tuxedo. In the video, she shows off a more laid-back image as well, by rocking a huge afro and adding a splash of pink color to her typically monochromatic wardrobe. Her whole vibe reminds me of Lauryn Hill, but in a more sensual way, although not in a manner that's degrading or attention-seeking.Monáe may represent hard for the androids, but the way she grooves throughout this "Electric Lady" video reveals there's nothing robotic about her.Check out the video for "Electric Lady" below:

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