Justin Bieber May or May Not Have Just Hooked Up With a Woman Around His Mom's Age

Sounds like everyone's favorite swag 19-year-old had quite a night at a Southampton, New York nightclub this week. The NY Daily News is reporting that Justin Bieber not only got in a fight, but also enjoyed some successful encounters with the ladies. At South Pointe Club, Bieber was seen standing above the crowd and flashing a flashlight at women to try and entice them over to his table. Classy.

Belieb it or not, his tactic actually worked. The dude ended up going home with two women who were instructed to sign a non-disclosure agreement before joining him at the private home he'd rented in the upscale beach community. Beside the fact that Bieber definitely has a type (the two women and his ex Selena Gomez could all be sisters), it's worth mentioning the ages of his lovely overnight guests — one's 24-years-old, and one's 32.

Because you care: Justin Bieber's mom is 37.

Now, the fight at the club happened when a 22-year-old man chased after one of the women who got into Bieber's car — he was going after a bow-tie he'd lent one of the young women, but Bieber's security team wasn't amused. The fight put Mr. Bow-tie in the hospital. Assault charges have been filed.

So, let's see. A 19-year-old parties at a nightclub, becomes involved with a hospitalization, and takes home a woman who's only 5 years younger than his mother? One word, one syllable: ew.

If we thought that Bieber's most recent tattoo of his mother's eye on his arm was going to deter him from making some shady decisions, we need to reevaluate. When he decides to ink his mom's entire face to his cheek, we'll get on board with that, though. Preventative measures, people. Preventative measures.

[Image via djalanshapiro/Instagram]