He Really Isn't Going to Let This Orlando Thing Go

by Nicole Fabian-Weber

If you're going to post incendiary photos to Instagram, at least have the balls to keep them up. Shortly after his now-infamous fight with Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber reportedly threw up a shot of Miranda Kerr onto his Instagram page. The photo has since been taken down, presumably by Justin, presumably because he's a fraidy cat. But now Bieber has gone and done one better: he posted a photo of Orlando Bloom crying on his account. I know. The picture, which many of his fans laughed at and cheered Justin on for posting, has since been deleted, as well. Are you thinking what I'm thinking here? What is this dude's problem?! Why does he keep posting things and taking them down?!

First off, let me be clear here. I don't condone Justin's immature antics of posting provoking photos on social media after he got a punch thrown at his face. That's something a scorned 12-year-old with no concept of self-awareness would do. (When grounded.) But if he is going to go and stoop to that level, may as well stand behind his choice and keep the photos up. Nobody respects the ol' post and delete, Justin. It's kind of like hiding behind your body guards during a fight. Oh wait, you did that, too.

Lame, Justin. And why would Orlando be the one crying when he's the one who took a shot at you?

Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram