'Big Brother's Frankie & Derrick Turn on Donny But He's Actually the Best Member of Team America

On a show like Big Brother, friends can become enemies and alliances can be broken in an instant. That's already what is happening in the aftermath of Wednesday's episode, during which everyone had to vote on the next mission that Team America had to complete. Donny, Derrick, and Frankie failed to incite an argument during the nomination ceremony or the veto ceremony, as per the terms of their last mission, so they had twice the incentive to make sure that this next mission goes off without a hitch. However, when America chose for them to vote against the house and then accuse two other people of having been the ones to flip their vote, one person wasn't feeling that mission at all: Donny Thompson.

The thing is, Donny was utterly justified in being reluctant to do this. After all, as he explained, it would be completely out of character for him to say a word during the voting ceremony let alone to stand up and accuse someone of flipping their vote. Then there was the fact that everyone would be focused on trying to figure out who really did flip the vote, which had the potential to blow up the Team America alliance if it was ever so much as suspected that Donny was working with Derrick and Frankie. However, Derrick and Frankie were put off by Donny's reluctance to take one for America's team and they swiftly began conspiring to get him booted out of the house and out of Team America.

"I came here to play Donny Thompson’s game," said Donny in the speech that would lose him his alliance's trust. "I didn’t come here to play America’s game."

No, Donny, you did not and, honestly, turning down a mission so dangerous to his game just makes me love Donny that much more. Derrick and Frankie might be able to incite things by being above suspicion, but Donny remains above suspicion by keeping his mouth shut and this Team America mission goes against his very strategy. Conspiring against Donny might be more difficult than Frankie and Derrick even realize because, when you think about it, Donny is actually just the best member of Team America.

That Beard

Donny has got the best facial hair game of anyone in the entire Big Brother house. He's been compared several times to a member of Duck Dynasty (in appearance only, thankfully) and that's just because you never forget seeing a beard like that in real life. The entire house would mourn the loss of that walking beard, trust me. I know I would.

He Makes Cricket Noises

On his very first day in the Big Brother house, Donny cheerfully showed the other house guests his special talent to make cricket noises with his mouth. Everyone was delighted and proceeded to either laugh or try to imitate the sounds themselves, while Donny cheerfully revealed in the diary room that he was showing off to keep them distracted. Talented and smart? Raise your hand if that was the first time you realized Donny was just actually the greatest.

He Has the Best Euphemisms

From "I feel like I won the best beard contest at the county fair" to "Oh son of a biscuit eater, that dad blum snake scared me", every word that comes out of Donny's mouth is comedy and meme-worthy gold. He has an entire photo album on the CBS website devoted to his funniest Donnyisms and who's going to provide that down-to-earth comedy if Team America turns on him?

Everyone Loves Him

In and out of the house, Donny is one of the favorite guests. He was voted onto Team America, after all. Unfortunately, this popularity has worked against Donny in the game due to how often people will put him up on the block next to someone they want to get rid of because they know that no one will vote him out. However, Donny is one of the few house guests who has managed to remain likable through out this game and no one wants to lose that.

He's Actually Loyal

Donny had a friendship going on with Paola — even giving her a present when she was evicted — and has a similar friendship going on with Jocasta. Unique for this game, Donny has remained utterly loyal to Jocasta, even winning the Power of Veto and using it to take her off the block when she was too sick to compete. Donny can be trusted, so when he says no to a Team America mission that should have been their clue to realize how stupid a risk it is.

But Only to a Point

However, Donny isn't blindly trusting. He knows exactly what game it is he's playing and takes everything that everyone says to him with a grain of salt. He never trusted Devin again after Devin admitted to betraying him, he spread Nicole's plans around to the rest of the house and lied his way out of it when caught, and he can pretty much win the Power of Veto whenever he wants. All right, it's shocking that Donny hasn't been targeted so far, but he makes for good entertainment. Team America — and Big Brother — need to realize that and keep him here.

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