'David Tutera's CELEBrations' Swaps Regular Clients for CELEBrities, Duh

Before there was Pinterest and everyone suddenly became a wedding planner, there was the one true wedding planner: David Tutera, and this guy can make anything happen. Need David's help because you only have a vague idea about your wedding theme and you are on a budget and you have a relatable, touching sob story? Blink, and you will find yourself in a $20,000 gown in an undisclosed but fabulous location and you will have no idea how you even got there. Since the 2008 premiere of My Fair Wedding, David's logged the hours when it comes to making the dreams of regular, every day couples come true. Now, he's trying his hand at something different: A show called David Tutera's CELEB rations , where he will put together weddings and events for celebrity clients.

And when you think about the magic he created for non-famous folk, just imagine what he can do for celebrities with specific tastes and big budgets. I use the term "celebrity" loosely, because so far, his clientele doesn't seem to include anyone too famous, but he's still planning events for pretty important people. I'm just saying, if he had been in charge of the whole Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fiasco, I would have been impressed.


Anyway. In the trailer for the show, we get a little taste of what we can expect this season, which premieres Friday. The preview alone shows that David will be planning a birthday party for former Jersey Shore star JWOWW's fiancé, Roger, Lil Kim's baby shower, and an anniversary party for Brandy and Ray J's parents. Even though I'm a little disappointed that the focus will be off of "real" people, I'm kind of excited to see the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into creating an event for someone who can afford the best. And the drama. Oh, there will be drama, there will be screaming, and most of it will be coming from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong as she bridezillas her way into married bliss.

And the sassy, snarky commentary that will come from David when the celebs are away? That alone is going to make the show worth watching.

While I've always had a dream that one day, shortly after I eventually get engaged, I will open the door to see the WE camera crew and David himself smiling back at me, I may have to come to terms that it might not happen. David, don't go all celebrity on us — there are so many of us gals who haven't had the "under the sea" themed wedding of our dreams yet.