Bradley Cooper Films at Burger King & Looks Damn Good Serving Fast Food — PHOTOS

I fully condone ordering multiple Whoppers if B. Coops is serving them. And would you look at that — he was! Mirror reports that Bradley Cooper was spotted flipping burgers at a Burger King in Leicester Square in London. No, he hasn't ditched acting for burgers. In fact, he's filming what E! reports is an upcoming movie with Sienna Miller. Apparently, part of his training includes legit fast-food experience.

Digital Spy reports that Cooper's upcoming movie was originally called Chef, since it involves cooking, but then the Jon Favreau movie Chef came out, so obviously, they needed a title change. Cooper's film was tentatively titled Adam Jones, but now it's simply called Untitled John Wells Project, which leaves things up for interpretation. Whatever this movie is about, the role requires some burger flipping. The film also co-stars Jamie Dornan (aka Christian Grey) and Emma Thompson.

But let's go back to the whole Burger King thing. What would you do if you were just getting your burger, and... Bradley Cooper was there? Ask him to sign your food and then frame it? I'm pretty sure I would have just tried to keep it cool and be like, "Can I have fries with that, I'm... hungover. Get it? Like that movie?"

Ugh, I'm so lame.

Anyhow, Cooper knows how to flip a commercial quality burger so, there ya go. He's a guardian of the galaxy and he knows how to make a Whopper. Dreams do come true.