Keys & Beatz Need a Musical Baby Name

Not only are Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz celebrating four years of marriage, the two are also celebrating baby number two on the way. Congratulations are in order for the musical couple, who shared anniversary messages and photos of a rather pregnant Keys and a super happy Beatz on their Instagram accounts Wednesday, but also to their 3-year-old son, Egypt, who’s going to be a big brother. Now we may not know the gender or how far along the “Girl on Fire” singer is — though judging by the photo, it looks like Keys has successfully kept this pregnancy secret for a while — but I’m already speculating on baby names. Just looking at the stage names Keys and Beatz chose for themselves, I can’t help but want more musically influenced names on the table. I’m not the only one hoping, am I?

Fine. It would be cheesy, but I think it could be cute. Before they were Keys and Beatz, they were Alicia Cook and Kasseem Dean, respectively, and they chose to change their names to reflect their life’s calling. Cook took inspiration from her passion for the piano, and Dean started his career as a DJ, so the choices were obvious. In Dean's case, he also added a few Z's for pizzazz. Plus, these names just sound cooler as far as stage personas go.

I can understand that they might not to force their baby to have a musical career, and seeing as they named their first son Egypt, he's in the clear. I suspect that names like Treble or Bass can’t really venture into other fields, and God forbid if the kid has no rhythm. I just think it would be such a great opportunity and would be pretty adorable. Melody sounds OK. Ditty could maybe work as a middle name. Fugue?

Yeah, maybe not Fugue. But Beatz and Keys can probably figure out something better. They're obviously gifted at choosing names.

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