'Homeland' Season 3 Trailer Features Plenty of Tears and Lots of Drama

Warning: Spoilers from Season 2 of Homeland ahead! Last we left the characters on the Showtime drama Homeland, Carrie was about to leave her job with the CIA in order to run off with the maybe-he-is-maybe-he's-not-a-terrorist Sgt. Brody when a car bomb explodes, killing everybody's good time. After successfully convincing Carrie that he was set up — as opposed to that time when he really was going to blow-up the Vice President, remember? —Carrie drops Brody off at a road that will lead him to safety. She'll clear his name, and he'll come back and they'll be together. You know, if the millions of other obstacles don't get in their way first, and that's where the new Homeland Season 3 trailer opens.

From the looks of things, it seems that Carrie is having a pretty hard time convincing everyone that Brody isn't actually the terrorist mastermind that they assume he is. Though he's featured in the trailer, we won't see Brody for the first two episodes of Homeland, and there's potential for him to be missing from action for even longer. He certainly seems to be struggling in this trailer, and his fate will be one of the biggest mysteries for fans to look forward to.

Brody's family is dealing with their own fallout — it's not easy being the family of a suspected terrorist. Nick Brody's daughter, Dana, seems to be dealing with the drama by ... adopting Muslim customs? And, even weirder, sexting? Well, whatever Dana does, it will still be the worst. And then there's good ole' Saul, who is not featured in nearly enough of this promo, except to give a heartfelt apology to a (once again) crying Carrie.

Oh, and the entire trailer is set to the song "To Build a Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra. You might want to put this one on your breakup playlist (Carrie sure should).

Check out the trailer below.