'Big Brother's Amber Is Attacked by Hayden So All of the Guys Officially Suck

Amber Borzotra has been getting dealt a bad card in the Big Brother house this week. Frankie and Zach became Head of Household and Team America received a mission to nominate a strong player; both of these elements combined into a plan to backdoor Amber and get her evicted from the house. The plot to do this has involved a lot of scheming and conniving, from using Caleb's moodiness and obsession with Amber against her to assuring Amber that she was not the target only to lock in every house guest as being willing to vote her out. It got to the point that their lies became transparent enough for Amber to smile her way through her nomination because they weren't even trying to be subtle anymore.

However, despite the fact that the general tone of the house is geared toward getting Amber out, there were still some house guests who were being less mean about it than others. Frankie, Zach, and Derrick were the ringleaders of the Shoo Amber Out campaign, but there was one outlier. Hayden Voss had nothing personal against Amber nor was he on Team America and devoted to launching a vendetta against Amber. That didn't mean he wasn't willing to vote her out if everyone else was, but he was the kind of wildcard that made everyone nervous as to where his true loyalties lied. Now we know: Hayden wants Amber out just as badly as the other guys.

The worst part of it all is that most of the guys were all members of an alliance with Amber once upon a time. With Hayden refusing to be on Team Amber, that basically means that every guy in the house has it out for her — and, sadly, they're in the majority. How did Amber lose favor with the guys so quickly? Well, she didn't really have to do anything at all.


"Her jaw is going to drop when she hears 9-0, cause she thinks she is completely safe," Hayden said to Nicole on the Big Brother Updates Twitter. For a boy whose main focus to this point was winning the Power of Veto so that he could use it on Victoria — and who resisted using it on Jocasta despite the fact that the other house guests tried to sway him in that direction — this was pretty much the final nail in Amber's coffin.


Donny is a member of Team America, so he was one of the founding members of the campaign to backdoor Amber. He hasn't been as active in it as Frankie and Derrick have, but that's because he's had to deal with dangerous Team America assignments and being put up on the block by Cody. Even now that they've technically completed the mission just by nominating her, Donny doesn't seem to have time to have much sympathy for Amber.


Getting into Caleb's treatment of Amber in this game, this week and prior to this week, would require an entire essay in and of itself. Caleb's rudest Amber moment of the week has been launching an immature prank war against her for not talking to him and for naming him as her target. Currently, Caleb is planning to give Amber a pickle (which he hates, but ate to win a date for her) wrapped in a banana (which she hates) to remind her of all he's done for her.


Frankie is one of the Team America masterminds of Amber's eviction and he's done the most work to make it happen. Although Frankie initially couldn't decide whether Caleb or Amber was the bigger threat to his game, he's since settled on Amber and has been whispering behind her back to make sure everyone is on board with the plan. Aside from Caleb, Frankie's the biggest threat to Amber and she knows it now.


Zach is a wild card but he's a wild card who is nonetheless generally loyal to Frankie. When Frankie wanted to backdoor Amber, Zach was all for making it happen. In fact, when Frankie needs any unpredictable thing done, Zach can usually be counted on to do it without requiring an explanation. He wants Amber out just as much as anyone, if only because he's as sick of her and Caleb's not-showmance as the rest of us.


As the third Team America mastermind, Derrick has been doing more work than Donny but less work than Frankie. His main job has been keeping Caleb turned against Amber until they get her out of the house. In fact, one of his best speeches to Caleb has been, "I think she is fucking play you. I'm not going to lie to you. I have your back." Yeah, okay, Derrick. No ulterior motives there.


Cody's betrayal of Amber is probably one of the worst considering Amber has been all over him for weeks. From the moment they bonded, the two of them have been so close that Caleb has essentially been eye-stalking them in disapproval every time they so much as look in each other's direction. However, Cody hasn't lifted a finger to save Amber from going home and that might make him the worst of them all.

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