'Big Brother's Amber Smiles Through Zach's Attack & She's Our New Hero

It has been a pretty terrible week for Amber in the Big Brother house. She was already dealing with Caleb's creepy come-ons on the daily, all the while her former "Bomb Squad" alliances members were plotting to evict her partly because of her association with Caleb. When Frankie nominated Amber in place of Victoria, who had just been pulled off the block by Hayden's Power of Veto, she wasn't surprised and even said to Frankie, "I think you had already planned that." Zach probably wanted what he would do next at the POV ceremony to shock Amber and the rest of the houseguests, but I was glad to see her just smile through all the hate.

When the POV ceremony was supposed to come to a close, Zach got up for another one of his "Zach Attacks" to deliver the speech he had planned to recite to Amber, which is also the one Frankie egged him on to do so he could complete the Team America mission for the week. Zach delivered the same speech we had seen him practice on the live feeds. In it, he told Amber that Caleb, aka "Beast Mode Cowboy," has saved her twice already, risking his own shot at the $500,000 prize, gave her blankets to keep her warm in the Have-Nots Room, and ate a pickle, a food he loathes, just to go on a date with her. Zach was basically disgusted that after all Caleb has done for her, she wouldn't give him the time of day. I didn't think Zach could top his "fruit loop dingus" speech that he gave to Christine and Nicole at the nomination ceremony this week, but he certainly did with this speech.

But wait, it gets better. Zach went on to ask Amber if she had any response to what he just said, and she just flashed him a grin, which said "I know what game you're playing, and I'm not falling for it" better than any words could. In response, Zach said, "No? That's funny, which is exactly what you've been saying to him this entire summer."

Zach clearly wanted to get a rise out of Amber, so it was so great to see her not give him the pleasure of seeing her get upset. By not reacting to Zach's comments, Amber once again has shown that she is a strong player in this game, physically and emotionally. Clearly, there's a very strong chance that she will be going home during Thursday night's live eviction, but her attitude shows that it's too early to count her out just yet.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS