When Will 'Big Brother' Stop Having Two HOHs? It Can't Last Much Longer

After this Thursday's live eviction, the Big Brother house will only have 11 houseguests remaining. The summer is flying by, and as Julie Chen would say, things are just about to heat up, because the game is sure to change within the next couple of weeks. This season, the Big Brother game was introduced to a new twist; there would be two Heads of Household and four nominees. Starting with such a large group of houseguests, this twist seemed to really work towards moving the game forward. With four nominees each week, you were almost required to piss someone off. As it turns out, the house nominates the same four houseguests each week, so that didn't really work out as CBS had planned. But as the house loses it's twelfth houseguest Thursday, I'm wondering how much longer this double the drama twist is going to last.

With 11 houseguests in the house, and two houseguests not capable of being nominated during the ceremony, that leaves nine potential houseguest nominees. If Big Brother continues with the twist, that would mean almost 50% of the houseguests eligible for nomination would be on the block before the Battle of the Block competition. That's going to start to cause some problems with alliances, which might just be the angle CBS is trying to get at.

So far this season, the Bomb Squad-turned-Detonators have ruled the house. They have held the power each week, and with the numbers and the competitors they have, it's possible that they will continue to hold the power in some way. But if one of them is forced to nominate someone in their alliance, solely because of the numbers remaining in the house, I am sure the BFF status that they are at right now would leave the house as quickly as Week 1 evictee, Joey Van Pelt. Can you imagine the betrayal in Zach's eyes if Frankie had to nominate him? Heartbreaking.

Also, the four nominations might actually force the two Heads of Household to start working against each other. So far in the game, the HOHs have consulted with each other before the nomination ceremony so both of them are on the same page. Well, if the game keeps up with the two HOH twist, they'll be fighting to be the first one to nominate, so he or she can put up floaters, while forcing the other one to nominate someone in their alliance. If we get to that point, I don't think there will be any need to poke Zach to start arguments, fights will start erupting left and right.

But as fun as that would be, I suspect that Big Brother will terminate the dual HOHs within the next week or two, just in time for them to throw another twist at the houseguests. Double eviction, anyone?

Images: CBS; Is That Even Legal?!?!/Tumblr