Cody Accidentally Got Naked For Us This Morning

Let's pretend that you're a houseguest on Big Brother. First off, congrats! Second off, good luck avoiding an unintentional nude scene. In the Big Brother house, there are cameras watching the houseguests 24/7 and broadcasting it to anyone with access to the live feed and if CBS wants, anyone watching an episode on TV. Ergo, between changing clothes and showering — unless you're crafty — you will be naked for the world to see. Some, like Frankie, purposefully put on an X-rated show. Others just seem to forget, like Cody, who was accidentally naked in front of the cameras. Well, sort of — it's complicated.

Look, if America has to accidentally catch any member of this particular cast in the buff, it might as well be the underwear model. Cody is objectively one of the hottest houseguests in Big Brother history, so I wasn't exactly averting my eyes when his junk got a little too close to the shower door on Thursday morning, giving anyone watching the livefeeds a pretty good look — probably without even realizing what he was doing.

In order to avoid any heart palpitations, let's warm you up with a teaser photo from his modeling days that leaves little to the imagination, before jumping to the more NSFW moment.

Sweet lord. I'm not sure what that piece of clothing is, but I am sure that I don't care. And now, for the picture you've really been waiting for, head over to the Big Brother Dish Twitter.

The word "small" is getting tossed about, but I'm gonna call this one FTBTJ. (Far Too Blurry To Judge, duh.)

As a cool down, here's another accidental NSFW moment caught on tape: Cody, Zach, and Frankie discussing their liquid dreams (#tbt O-Town).

Images: CBS, C-IN2/Facebook