Khloe Kardashian Says Lamar Odom Caused Rob's Struggles & The Reason Is Heartbreaking

It's been a while since we've had a new dose of drama to merit a new broadcast of the Kardashian Krisis alert system, but, lo and behold: It was only a matter of time. And, of course, Lamar Odom is once again involved! In a new clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian revealed she blames Lamar Odom for Rob Kardashian's problems. While Khloé didn't specifically mention any of Rob's issues in the clip, it's been previously reported and rumored that the youngest Kardashian has been struggling with his weight due to depression issues, along with an addiction to drugs and sizzurp. Odom, of course, had many drug issues of his own that led to his divorce with Khloé.

"Rob has said, 'Being in that house it was so dark and it made me do dark things,'" Khloé told her stepbrother Brody Jenner in the clip. When Jenner retorts that Khloé shouldn't feel guilty because Rob is just making an "excuse," Khloé comments that it still makes her feel bad to hear Rob saying those things. "It still gets to me," she added.

"Only Rob and Lamar know what happened in the house and know what's going on...I was not there to protect Rob. I was not there to protect myself."

Look, all joking aside, this is serious, sad issue that the entire family — mainly Khloé and Rob — are dealing with. Whether or not Rob is addicted to any drugs, he clearly has emotional issues that he needs to work through with his family, it's sad to think that his friendship with Odom could have contributed to his problems. Say what you want about Khloé's new beau French Montana, but at least he's making her happy. Isn't that all that matters at this point?

Check out the clip below. Hopefully, I won't have another Kardashian Krisis update any time soon.