Spike Jonze Joins 'Girls' Season 4, But He Won't Be Directing

Acting isn't normally what one associates Spike Jonze with, but surprisingly enough, the Her director has actually appeared in a few projects as an actor, according to his IMDb profile. Like The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret! Now, it looks like he can add one more to that list: According to TVLine, Spike Jonze will guest star in Girls season 4 next year, playing a character called Marcos. He doesn't quite look like a Marcos, I gotta say, but I trust Dunham's vision. Keeping an open mind here!

Apparently, HBO wouldn't disclose any other information than that Jonze will appear in the series (and sadly won't be directing any episodes), so unfortunately, we don't know who Marcos is or what he's doing. Maybe he's a director (art imitates life!) and Hannah is trying to get into screenwriting now? Or maybe he has something to do with Marnie's struggles to get into the music industry? New book publisher? Adam's new slightly quirky roommate? The possibilities really are endless when it comes to this show.

Jonze is just the latest on a very long list of guest stars that season 4 of Girls has managed to woo: Gillian Jacobs, Natasha Lyonne, Zachary Quinto, and Jason Ritter are just a few. Not bad company to be in.

Season 4 of Girls will premiere on HBO next year.