Kristen Stewart Won't Be In 'Snow White And The Huntsman' Sequel, But That's Just Fine

Know what's weird? A Snow White and The Huntsman sequel sans Snow White. But, then again, when you consider the controversy that surrounds that role and the first movie, maybe it's not that weird after all. If I was Kristen Stewart, I think I'd want to distance myself from the year 2012 as much as I possibly could and not reprising the role that turned fans and Hollywood against her for a hot minute, is probably a step in the right direction. According to Us Weekly, Stewart is not returning for the second Snow White and the Hunstman movie. The film will instead focus on Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth's characters, because unlike Stewart, they will be back.

So, how the heck are they going to explain the absence of the titular character? Well, instead of being all "Oh, Snow White is off studying abroad in Spain," they're going to make this sequel a prequel, and avoid the issue altogether. Smart cookies, they are.

But, in defense of K. Stew, girl doesn't need this movie, anyway. She's been plenty busy all on her own. First on the list of upcoming projects, Stewart's acclaimed Clouds of Sils Maria is set to debut August 20. After that, she's got five other movies lined up. In Still Alice, due out in 2014, Stewart plays Julianne Moore's daughter who is faced with her mother's grave illness. After that is Anesthesia , another drama, where she stars along with Corey Stoll, Gretchen Mol, and Glenn Close.

In an Adventureland reunion of sorts, Stewart once again plays opposite of Jesse Eisenberg in American Ultra, due out in 2015, along with a star studded cast that includes John Leguizamo, Connie Briton, and Topher Grace. Stretching her acting muscles with a dramedy, you can see K. Stew with the hilarious Elizabeth Banks in The Big Shoe in 2015. Rounding out her extensive resume is the Sci-Fi movie, Equals, where she stars opposite Nicholas Hoult.

So yeah, Snow White and The Huntsman 2 was a bust for Stewart, but it doesn't really matter much anyway, does it? K. Stew's beefing up her acting street cred and has no intention on dwelling on the past. And, it looks like, finally, everyone's letting the infamous "incident" go, as well. We should let Stewart's work speak for itself and so far, it looks like it will.