Lena Dunham Recreates ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Poster In an Ode to Female Friendship — PHOTO

Lena Dunham is a funny lady who knows how to get a response from the Internet — but you knew that already. So what's her most recent joke that's sure to be shared all over social media? A friendly parody that's both an adorable ode to friendship and a crack at the The Fault in Our Stars. Dunham posted a photo of herself mimicking the TFIOS poster along with Girls writer/producer Jenni Konner. The caption reads, "Jenny & Lena 4eva." Aww.

The photo, which was re-grammed from Girls cinematographer Tim Ives, clearly shows that Dunham and her fellow Girls staff do indeed love each other and have a real friendship. Maybe that's one of the millions of reasons that the show is so awesome, and why I, personally, am counting down until January 2015, when Season 4 premieres. (You may think my love for Girls is because of Adam Driver, and while that's part of it, it's mostly because it's about female friendship.)

The pic also might make you want to hang out with Dunham. Clearly she's the sort of person to open up a conversation about anything, whether she's interpreting Sia's "Chandelier" on late night TV or talking about more serious fodder, like the conversation about birth control she recently incited online.

Hopefully, diehard TFIOS fans won't think this photo is offensive to their beloved tearjerker. It's clearly just an ode to friendship, and that's something I can totally get behind.

Image: Lena Dunham/Instagram