Connor Cruise, Son of Tom, Releases First Single, and It's Not Half-Bad

We don't often hear much about the lives of Connor and Isabella, the children of Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman, but today, the actor's only son made headlines by releasing his debut single, a

Cruise, 18, , enlisted singer Mason Musso, formerly of Metro Station, and songwriter DJ Poet, known for his work with The Black Eyed Peas, to make the song. Cruise is its sole producer.

“I was trying to make an upbeat commercial dance music track that makes you feel good and is more of an anthem,” he told Billboard.

And surprisingly, he succeeded. "Closer to Heaven" isn't anything phenomenal, but it's a solid song that wouldn't be out of place at a house party or nightclub. It has a strong beat, simple but smart lyrics, and a hook that's bound to stick in your head long after the song's end. It's a promising debut, especially when considering Cruise's young age.

If he's trying to make a name for himself that doesn't have to do with his famous parents, he's got our attention, even if he might not have his sister's. So far, about her brother's big news.