Frankie Grande Almost Revealed Ariana Is His Sister 6 Times in the 'Big Brother' House

The biggest secret in the Big Brother house this summer isn't Team America, sorry CBS. If I am being honest, I don't even care about Team America. I am waaaay more invested in Frankie Grande's secret life as Ariana Grande's big brother. I wait with bated breath for the houseguests to figure out his secret, I'm looking at you Victoria. Derrick? You're a cop, solve this mystery! It seems like the houseguests figuring out Frankie's secret may never happen. But if we're lucky, Frankie won't be able to keep the secret in for much longer, after all, for not wanting people to know, he sure talks about Ariana a lot.

There have been multiple times this season where I have seen Frankie say something regarding his sister when I've thought, "Oh that will definitely give it away." But so far, no lightbulb is going off in the houseguests' heads. And Frankie loves to boast about his sister, so I am sure it is absolutely killer that he can't truly talk about her inside of the house. Check out the six moments in which Frankie was this close to spilling the beans about his superstar sister. Warning: May cause excessive screaming at computer for how blind the houseguests are.

When Victoria grilled Frankie about his sister

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I swear, I thought she was definitely on to him. She just kept asking all of the right questions, and wasn't letting down.

When he slipped on the pronunciation of Grande

It seems like no one, NO ONE, caught that he said Gran-day and not Gran-dee. His last name is Grande and has a sister named Ari. Come on, guys. Let's put those thinking caps on. He also referred to his grandpa as "Grandpa Grande" which is how he is known on the Internet because of Ariana's posts about him.

When he wished her a happy birthday in front of all the houseguests


Not that the other houseguests should know when Ariana's birthday is, but I totally thought Frankie was going to blow his secret here and say her full name.

During his HOH room reveal

When Frankie became HOH with Cody, we were all wondering if there would be pictures of him with Ariana from recent years. Frankie was able to let out a big sigh of relief when the only photos of her were as a baby, and in case that wasn't secretive enough, she had a face full of skeleton makeup on.

When he was talking to Nicole about "Ari"

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I've got to give Frankie credit for thinking on his feet and coming up with a back story to what his sister "Ari" is doing in school.

When he found out that Victoria loves Ariana Grande

After discovering that Victoria is "obsessed" with Ariana Grande, I swear Frankie's voice screamed "SHE'S MY SISTER" but his words said, "I love her new song." Way to maintain self-control Frankie. Maybe once you are all out of the house, Ariana can send Victoria an autograph or something.