How Does One Work Out With Short Hair?

Just in time for a new back to “school” style, I finally made the appointment I’ve been dreaming about with my hairstylist. At seven months since my last appointment, I felt the need to make up for lost time, so I instructed her to really chop it off, all the way up to chin length.

I considered what I really wanted out of a haircut, and told my stylist to make sure I could shake it out after a shower and go. One factor I didn’t consider — what I would do with hair that’s too short to throw in any kind of bun when it’s time for a workout. Oops.

Unlike a pixie cut, my new look isn't chopped enough that it's entirely out of my line of vision during a workout. I guess during yoga, it’s OK that hair is in the eyes during downward facing dog, since we’re supposed to be looking inward anyway. Om. For a barre class, we can deal with many, many wisps escaping a comically short ponytail, since those classes cause a minimal glow and are mostly upright. But what if you really want to sweat it out?

I've tried those giant head sized hair-tie rubber band things that are supposed to help keep too short pieces under control, but I end up feeling like a small lion when those pieces stick very much outward. (Granted, they are out of my eyes.) Eschewing bobby pins for something a bit cuter seems like a weird option, as I do not wish to look like a 4th grader given creative control over allocation of her barrette collection. I've also done the pomade thing. It looks slicked back, even chic — in a rigid way — when I leave my apartment... it's after a workout that the product has slid around and I end up looking quite greasy.

Are the chin-length girls relegated to having awkward hair while working out? Please, no!

So what are the other options? Has anyone figured out a graceful way to do this yet? Did someone make cute sweatbands un-reminiscent of a) the ‘70s and b) basketball players and also c) Frank Ocean?

If someone could please work on a prototype, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I'll be the girl with a low, stumpy ponytail, constantly tucking loose hair behind her ears.