Does 'The Leftovers' Justin Theroux Wear Eyeliner? Twitter Seems To Think So

I mean, I'm generally jealous of this Leftovers star's good looks, but those eyelashes are just ridiculous. While Justin Theroux's been busy putting those Jennifer Aniston split rumor to rest, another hilarious rumor has started. Apparently, the Internet believes that Theroux is wearing eyeliner on The Leftovers (and elsewhere) and they're really not happy about it. I know, it's ridiculous. The Leftovers' star hasn't commented on enhancing the windows to his soul just yet, but considering Theroux's hilarious commentary on his Google mugshots on Kimmel, it's only a matter of time.

But seriously, is he wearing eyeliner? People on Twitter seem to think so — how dare make-up artists attempt to enhance Theroux's natural beauty that Jennifer Aniston raved about in such a blatantly obvious way. He's perfect! He doesn't need any of that stuff! A handful of fans that've tuned into HBO's The Leftovers have taken to Twitter to express their complaints about the over-lining of Theroux's fabulous eyeballs. (Among other things, like the fact that he wears too many shirts.)

And, while I personally never noticed the fact that Theroux wears eyeliner on the show — I was too distracted by his overall beauty, I suppose — these stills from The Leftovers just don't seem to support Twitter's claims.

Exhibit A

And zoomed in:

The full photo looks a little lined, but when we zoom in on the evidence, there's definitely no liner (maybe a little mascara though).

Exhibit B

And zoomed in:

Again, if Theroux is guilty of anything, it's using an eyelash curler and a little mascara. But, still, no liner. Also, how are we not more concerned with his eyebrows being better than Cara Delevingne?

Exhibit C

And zoomed in:

In case you need an example of what Justin Theroux wearing eyeliner actually looks like — here's a still from Your Highness. Now that's what I call eyeliner, people. Also, EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!

I'm going to have to side with Justin Theroux News on this one:

This guy is just naturally THAT handsome and was gifted with the thickest eyelashes on Earth. I know you're jealous — heck, I am too — but let's give credit where credit is due.

Images: HBO (4); Universal Pictures (2)