Kit Harington’s New ‘Testament of Youth’ Role Is Far from the Jon Snow We Know — VIDEO

Jon Snow is getting the hell out of Westeros. Well, at least for a little while. Kit Harington stars in the new movie, Testament of Youth , which takes place in World War I era Britain. Noticeably absent in the film's new trailer are his signature fur cape and face full of dirt, and most importantly, those beautiful ringlets. I suppose short, straight hair will have to do for now. At least he looks like he's bathed within the last year in this film.

But beyond Harington's new, more refined appearance, is his transformation as an actor. Being that Game of Thrones was Harington's first big role, I was sold on the fact that his portrayal of the unsure and wet behind the ears Snow was somehow also Harington's overall demeanor. But, this trailer only proves me wrong. Instead of a naive and honorable brute, this role brings a sophistication to Harington that hasn't been previously shown. He sells the role well, making me feels all sorts of emotions with his beautifully pained face, just within a 90 second trailer. Which says a lot about his abilities, that he can simultaneously make his audience believe he belongs in a fictional world where dragons, witches, and zombies roam with the same conviction as this more true to life, period performance.

While I hope my beloved Jon Snow isn't leaving Game of Thrones any time soon (DON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME), it's clear he's got potential for a successful career outside of the show. Check out the heart-wrenching trailer for Harington's new movie below, then try and tell me he doesn't look a like a total babe regardless of costume.

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