Ryan Gosling's Most Emotional Moments Ever

Ryan Gosling's known for playing sensitive types, but his famous roles may be more than the result of run-of-the-mill typecasting: Ryan Gosling cries. In real life. After sex. Kelly Conaboy of Gawker reports that, in an interview with Star Magazine, an unidentified woman said she hooked up with Gosling after meeting him at a club, and that he was "the best lover" she'd ever had. And things were great. Until they weren't. And Ry Gos started crying. Yikes. The woman continues, "I heard him sniffling [...] then I realized he had tears gushing down his face. I asked if he was all right, and he said he gets emotional sometimes."


One of three things are possible in this situation. Either a) His encounter with this woman made Gosling question his life and choices and instantly regret the previous encounter, or b) He knocked his elbow on the bed post and it hurt really bad, or c) Ryan Gosling is just a really sensitive guy who gets emotional about the beauty of two people making sweet, sweet semi-anonymous drunken love to each other. It's probably "c." No judgement.

In a show of support and solidarity in Gosling's time of need, I present to you a bountiful array of Gosling's most sensitive, sweetest, most emotionally delicate moments:

This one time he felt really sad while wearing glasses and being surrounded by happy people

So, so sad.

The time he had a really bad case of the giggles

He just can't help himself.

This time Ryan Gosling really wanted to make you a sandwich

Yes please.

The moment he felt really embarrassed during an interview

His feelings. They were just too much.

The time he ate his feelings

His delicious, delicious feelings.

When he refused to take no for an answer

It will NEVER be over.

This time he got really emotionally invested in your birthday

Happy birthday to us.

When you broke his heart

His warm, squishy, adorable heart.

This time he couldn't keep a secret...

and he was full of so many precious emotions.

Stay sweet forever, Gosling. Stay sweet forever.

Images: Giphy (8); feministryangosling/Tumblr