5 Seconds of Summer's "Amnesia" Music Video Will Make You Feel Bad For An Inflatable Giraffe — VIDEO

Thursday, the cutie-patootie band from Down Under that is 5 Seconds of Summer released a new music video for their single "Amnesia." What I'm about to tell you shouldn't be too shocking, but the music video for a breakup song called "Amnesia" is bit of a downer. It's not depressing and bleak and day-wrecking like Maroon 5's "Maps" (oof that video, amirite?), but it wears the "begone, pesky memories about my ex, for I am hurting!" badge proudly on its sleeve.

I would sum up the video thusly: Remember when we had fun together? Remember the terrific laughs we laughed? Remember when we hit golf balls off of the roof of the car in Griffith Park? Well, now I’m sitting on the floor of this kitchen all by myself because I'm too bummed out to use furniture.

Do I find the video to be sad? It definitely has its moments. Rather than be vague about it, I selected the specific sad moments from the "Amnesia" video that affected me the most. The saddest of the sad moments.

My "Amnesia" saddest moment picks may be different from yours, and that's okay. Art is subjective and every last one of us is entitled to our different interpretations.

...Erm, at least I thiiiink that's what my middle school art teacher said. Whatever. Let's get this show on the road:

The bear head with a dog bone in its mouth

What did that bear ever do to deserve that?

The empty couch

So much available seating room, but Luke Hemmings prefers the floor. The couch feels slighted. The couch worries it did something wrong. The couch wants Luke to talk to it.

The shopping cart throw

A group of friends laugh as the cart carrying Ashton Irwin is deliberately chucked to the ground. Harsh.

The mini donut takes flight...

...only to be eaten immediately

It is both the best and the worst day of the mini donut's life.

The giraffe wants to take a nap by the pool...

...but the party won't allow it

The water balloon to the bare shoulder

If a water balloon hits you hard enough, it can leave a bruise. I know this from experience. I hope Luke's shoulder is okay.

The intentionally spilled cereal

Wasted cereal cuts me to my core.

The poor, poor giraffe

It didn't sign up for this.

Everyone laughs at the giraffe


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