Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Have, Like, a Million Cats, Fun Fact

This is how you know it's a Friday afternoon in the middle of summer: I am currently writing about how Mandy Moore and her husband Ryan Adams have adopted four cats, two dogs, and have three feral cats in their backyard, and how she said in a recent interview with Us Weekly that their house is basically a zoo thanks to all the animals. She doesn't say that cartoon birds fly through her window and braid her hair every morning, but honestly, I think that's implied.

"I have four adopted cats myself at home, and I'm a big animal advocate and lover," Moore, who married Adams back in 2009 and sometimes sings, said. "I'm lucky to be married to somebody who feels the same way. We have our own little zoo happening right now."

Zoo is right: Apparently, they adopted four cats and two dogs, but also have three feral cats living in their backyard because LA is just crazy like that and why not, so the total is nine animals in all. Now, Moore teamed up with Purina Cat Chow for charity, and has already run a campaign to raise money for cat shelters around the US.

You can check out the video over at Us Weekly. I feel like her life is probably a version of this GIF here:

Image: MeowGIFs