Jennifer Lawrence's 'Vogue' Cover Proves Cinna Could Have Done Much, Much Better

Considering the couture Katniss rocks in both The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, it was easy to be excited for the actress' first Vogue cover. (On the coveted September issue, no less!) What designs would the actress be dressed in? And would it outdo anything Cinna has equipped the Girl on Fire with?

Turns out, not quite. The September issue leaked onto the Web Saturday, and, well, it's very hairy. Meaning that we see little more than Lawrence's coif on the cover. That said, the actress looks gorgeous (as always), and hardly needs any additional material to make material involving the Catching Fire star worth the purchase. (Especially for those of us that are still insatiable following the release of the trailer for the second film in The Hunger Games series, which hits theaters Nov. 22.) Still, this was the best Vogue could do?

The issue itself is a reported 902 pages, which should excite any fan of Katniss and the adaptation of Suzanne Collins' beloved dystopian YA series. Now, if only they could afford anything Lawrence is wearing.

See the Vogue cover below (leaked on Instagram), and wish you could pull off bangs (and anything, for that matter) as well as Lawrence.

Image: Instagram