Brandon & Leah Jenner Keep Calm on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' & Are Actually Awesome

Bruce may have a gold medal, Kylie and Kendall may have modeling contracts and a close personal relationship with Hot Topic (and Jaden Smith), and Brody may have they eyelashes of a Greek god, but Brandon Jenner has his wife Leah, and a strong claim to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians "Voice of Reason" crown. (Except for the time he admitted he kissed his step-sister... but I just feel like there's more to that story.) The lives of the other three Jenner kids who participate in Keeping Up with the Kardashians are open books, but Brandon and Leah are newer additions, and a little harder to pin down. To my knowledge, we've never even seen them naked or pretending to hump one of their siblings, or anything.

Brandon and Leah may seem like the (very minute) source of normalcy to the Kardashian/Jenner clan on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but let's get a few things straight: not only was Brandon once at the center of a reality show of his own called Princes of Malibu , but the couple together form an indie pop singing duo. They're like the Sonny and Cher of E! Let's learn a little more about just what keeps these two balancing the delicate line between Kardashian-world and real world.

The Elder Prince of Malibu

Brandon always kind of seems like he's just trying not to laugh on the Kardashians, so it was truly gratifying to see him let loose and make a little actual good humored fun of Kim and her sexy Instagram recently. After Kim posted a video of herself going full-sexy-Ariel in a pool, Brandon posted a video of himself going full... something on a couch. It was marvelous.

Less gregarious than his brother Brody, and less fond of the spotlight than Kylie or Kendall, Brandon is certainly the Jenner sib it seems like you could trust most, or just grab a drink with and not have to worry about the whole experience getting Instagrammed or Page Six'd. But, still, Brandon will never be able to erase from his permanent record that he and brother Brody had their very own reality show that — curse you, Fox — only aired two episodes. May I offer to you this clip from Princes of Malibu, and this completely accurate summary of what you're about to watch: "Unexpected guest," Celine Dion shows up to bust Brandon and Brody for using their stepdad's name to get a suite at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas with Spencer Pratt. David Foster, said stepfather, narrates. It is a priceless artifact of our times.

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And his lady love

But Brandon isn't the only one with famous parents. Leah hails from former Eagles guitarist, Don Felder.

Certainly that is where Leah found her love of music, but perhaps her rockstar upbringing is also the reason Leah has adjusted so calmly to the KUWTK spotlight. Leah told The Hollywood Reporter that she and Brandon avoided the earlier KUWTK seasons "because they valued their privacy." But privacy is a dying commodity, and they decided it was time for the other side of the Kardashian-Jenners to get some representation. And what good representation they are! Probably thanks to her beach-y upbringing, Leah brings a mellow-but-fun vibe to every vacation Kris remembers to invite her to. And check out Leah's Instagram. Only, like, one in nine photos are selfies, and every once in a while you get stuff like this.

Brandon & Leah

When Brandon and Leah were wed in May of 2012, they not only started their married lives together, but their Brandon & Leah lives, as well. Brandon and Leah started writing music together when they met in high school, and we've seen a bit of their path toward becoming recording artists on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but their first real brush with the Kris Jenner marketing machine was when their song "Showstopper" was used for the opening credits of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

On Air With Ryan Seacrest on YouTube

Brandon & Leah was first signed with Warner Brothers Records, but decided to get their own sound, they wanted to do the work themselves. They self-released their first EP, Cronies, in 2013; their first single, "Life Happens" has maybe the most positive comments on a YouTube video I've ever seen.


Cronies hit #82 on the Billboard 200, and #16 on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart — not bad for a first time self-produced album. Leah and Brandon know they've got Ryan Seacrest Productions to thank for much of their notoriety (and they are thankful), but they back up their fame with talent, as proven by a live set at the Sycamore shortly after their EP-release.


If you're itching for more, don't worry: Brandon & Leah are in the studio working on their next EP that Brandon promises to be "a bit more grimy" with Bob Marley producer Lee “Scratch” Perry. Color me excited.

Images: Leah Jenner, Brandon Jenner/Instagram