Tamra & Lizzie Are Far From Making Up

by Kayla Hawkins

It's no secret that Lizzie Rovsek hasn't had the easiest time blending in with the Real Housewives of Orange County cast, which was made extremely clear when the ladies all skipped out on her birthday party. Out of the five cast members, only Vicki Gunvalson and cut Housewife Danielle Greggario were able to attend. Specifically, Lizzie feels betrayed by Tamra Judge, for not even calling to let her know she wasn't going to be there. While she has a right to be upset, Lizzie isn’t getting over it. It’s her first storyline, and she isn't going to lose it. Unfortunately, it's pretty boring, but we owe it to her to break it all down.

Lizzie has a point about Tamra not calling earlier… usually you reach out the to the host a little sooner than an hour after the party was supposed to start. But Tamra has a point, too, about her daughter being sick. That's not the sort of thing you take chances with, especially if you're going to be driving two hours away to LA. So when Vicki and Lizzie were trash talking Tamra in the bus, it was a bit much. That's totally the type of thing you do with your friends when you're annoyed at another friend — just don't let the cameras catch it!

The only interesting thing about this fight is what we're not seeing. Obviously Tamra is insulted that she's being hung out to dry by the producers for this after they requested that she not call Lizzie to tell her that she wouldn't be there until the last minute. How did Lizzie respond to hearing that? Was she still mad? Did she understand?

If she still wouldn't accept Tamra's apology, she was being a little unreasonable. But if her point is just that being a slave to the show means that she doesn't want to be friends with Tamra anymore, that makes sense. Who wants a friend who won't even send you a quick text letting you know she might not be able to come to your party? There had to be ways Tamra could bend the producers' rules without making it into something this big.

But the only thing that really makes Lizzie look bad is what she says in Bali. She claims that Tamra never even texted her after the party to say congratulations or happy birthday, only to see Tamra grab her phone and pull up the texts in question within seconds, where Lizzie basically lets her off the hook for not responding.

Both ladies have thrown out a few Twitter barbs, so you can't exactly say either one is taking the high road.

But Lizzie's passive aggressive message pales in comparison to the behind-the-curtain deluge of information Tamra set free. Tamra is going all out. If this is going to be her last season, you can’t deny that it’s going to be an explosive finale.

First of all, Tamra "accidentally" leaked Lizzie's phone number on Facebook, which was quickly pulled down and apologized for. Then, again on Facebook, she posted a bunch of behind the scenes gossip, revealing why she didn't call, which was swiftly deleted. Then, Tamra said that Lizzie shouldn't be mad at her because she gave her a year's membership to CUT Fitness, the gym Tamra owns, as a birthday gift.

You know what, it doesn't matter what else happened. That is probably the worst thing Tamra has ever done. It might not be enough to help Lizzie keep her spot on the show, but for right now the feud is still going strong.

Image: Bravo