9 Ridiculously Delicious Mug Recipes Because Who Needs Pots and Pans Anyway?

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Your coffee mug wants more out of life. Maybe you picked it up once, years ago, because it was sassy or had an adorable cat on it — and every day since, it’s been your life raft, carrying you from one morning to the next. But this humble mug has big plans. For all the spills and coffee rings, it dreams of gourmet mac and cheese, of cobbler and decadent chocolate cake. Most of all, it dreams of greatness.

Give it five minutes and your mug will make you a late-night treat like the personal chef you never had. Heck, you might as well throw out your baking pans now, because the most unassuming dish in your cupboard has just gone Gordon Ramsay on you. And the best part? At midnight, when you get a hankering for pie, your mug will never tell. Think of it as a little secret, just between the two of you.

Image: Heather Christo

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