Amy Adams in 'Big Eyes' First Look Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know About the Movie — PHOTO

2014 could be the year of Amy Adams. In fact, Adams has five upcoming films in which she plays the lead and, if she plays her cards right, she could be a strong contender at the 2015 Oscars. The Tim Burton film Big Eyes is the movie that's speculated to be the one that will give her the win, since it's a biopic backed by the infamous Weinstein Company about an artist couple named Walter and Margaret who enter into a legal battle over the authenticity of Walter's famous paintings of big-eyed children. Now we've gotten our first look at Adams in Big Eyes and, quite honestly, it makes the film look even more compelling than it was before.

The main conflict at the heart of the movie is the fact that it is Margaret Keane who has been painting the portraits of the big-eyed children, but allowing her husband Walter Keane to take credit because male artists were able to rack in more money for their craft in the 1950s than female artists. The film follows their divorce proceedings, during which Margaret fights for the credit of her paintings back.

The picture of Amy Adams tells a lot about the film in a single shot. Turning to look over one shoulder with her painting tools in hand, Adams' hand is stretched out as if about to add another drop of paint to a portrait of a mournful looking waif with the titular big eyes. Although Adams herself does not look sad, the portrait she is painting tells a different story as does the dark room that she is depicted sitting in. However, there's a certain fire in Adams' eyes that almost seems to scream that this is her painting and she wants everyone looking at this picture right now to know that. At the end of the day, that's the only important thing you really need to know about the film.

Between Amy Adams in a fifties wig, the feminist message, and the very real possibility of an artist versus artist showdown as the climax of the movie, there's no reason left not to shell out the money to see Big Eyes when it comes in theaters. By all reports, it seems like the kind of film that we'll be hearing about incessantly once Oscar season comes back around. Check out the photo below.