Ed Sheeran's "Don't" Music Video is a Rags to Riches Story With a Twist — VIDEO

Like Ed Sheeran? Fear not, Ed Sheeran's new video for "Don't" will not disappoint. The beautifully shot video features a rags-to-riches story of a guy with some of the sweetest contemporary dance skills you've ever seen. This guy dances gorgeously, and tells a pretty inspiring story while he does so.

Our dancing protagonist wakes up shirtless on a mattresses, and grooves his way through various households until he's dancing in a suit and tie on the staircase of a mansion, all to the soundtrack of Sheeran's track.

For the record, it's a modern dancer, not Ed Sheeran, who does all of the dancing. Sheeran does makes some cameos throughout the video, but the video mostly focuses on the dancing guy. However, you can play Spot The Sheeran! Consider it the latest version of Where's Waldo. Of course, the song is awesome, too. The red headed musical wonder does not disappoint with his music.

And if the inspirational feeling that you get from the video doesn't quite sync up with the sad story that the song is telling, you can become a part of the Youtube comment community, where fans are attempting to decode the video's meaning! Is it all a metaphor? Is it backward? Or is it just visually stunning and not congruent to the song's lyrics?

Watch, philosophize, enjoy, dance along, and play Spot The Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran on YouTube