'Big Brother' Frankie Wants Zach To Return His Feelings In Case the Florida Native Is Evicted

There is no doubt that the relationship of the summer is between Zach and Frankie in the Big Brother house. I mean, the two can't keep their hands off of each other! But this week is proving to be a tough week for the pair. With Zach nominated, could this be the end of the relationship that puts any showmance to shame? Let's hope not, because there is still a lot of crazy sexual tension between these two that needs figuring out — preferably on camera, for all of America to see.

With Zach's Big Brother fate up in the air, it seems that Frankie is pulling out all of the stops to make Zankie official. Can't blame a guy for trying. With just a few days left before their possible separation, Frankie has stepped up his charm factor, flirting even more with Zach, who doesn't seem to hate it. I'm not ready to see these two torn apart from each other, not yet, they have so much more to experience together in the house. So how is Frankie making Zach's (potential) last few days in the house worthwhile?

Well, Frankie has never been one to shy away from his sexual attraction to Zach. In fact, he wants to make sure that if Zach does get evicted this week, no stone has gone unturned in their future.

And as if that wasn't enough of a push in the right direction for Zach to succumb to Frankie's love for him, Frankie wanted Zach to know that he would make a great husband in the future, specifically a good husband for Zach.

Frankie has even said this to Zach.

So Frankie is really putting all of his feelings out there at this point. But is Zach going to realize he too is in love with Frankie? According to Zach, Frankie's tactics are nice, but not going to work.

Of course, after Zach told Frankie that, he (Zach) said that Frankie should keep trying because he (Zach) likes it. So what's the problem then, Zach? We don't want to see you evicted from the house and play the "what could have been" game regarding your relationship with Frankie. Then all of us Zankie shippers will have to spend the rest of our lives wondering, what if?

Images: CBS; ZankieGrance/Tumblr