'Big Brother' Showmance Zankie Might Be In Trouble With Zach On The Block

Sunday night's episode of Big Brother could have very well marked the beginning of the end for this season's most unlikely showmance: Zankie. While their unconventional relationship is still in full bloom (they discussed having a "celebratory intercourse date," much to the confusion of Cody), the conclusion of the Battle of the Block with Zach's fate on the line and Nicole's secret plans to possibly backdoor Frankie will mean trouble for these two highly skilled, albeit very manipulative players.

After Nicole won HoH, alongside Donny, she set her sights on the Zach as retaliation after he declared her a "fruit loop dingus" to the entire world and put her on the block last week. Zach tried to pull some reverse psychology with Nicole and then tried to tell her exactly how to play her game, but none of it worked (she's no Fruit Loop dingus, after all) and he was put up against one of the house's main pawns: Jocasta.

Donny's nominees, Caleb and Victoria, managed to get themselves off the block (a small miracle, considering Victoria was one of them), leaving Zach and Jocasta as this week's nominees and Nicole as HoH. Now, this spells trouble for Zach enough as is (he's been declared a "super villain" and it's a safe bet he's a bigger target than Jocasta), but it'll really mean trouble for him if Nicole manages to pull off a backdoor strategy and puts Frankie up against him. Oh, how delicious that would be for Big Brother viewers.

Heck, even the most ardent Zankie supporters would have to admit that if Nicole pulled this maneuver off, not only would she have made the biggest move this game has seen so far, but she'd pit the house's two strongest allies against each other. Frankie up against Zach would make for one of the most fascinating nomination ceremonies ever. Would one sacrifice their place for the other, or would they both threaten to go out together and pull some Hunger Games-like declaration? (Unlikely, but still!) Or would they both turn on each other and viciously try to get the other one out the door? (A little bit more likely, but who knows with these two.)

Wednesday can't get here soon enough for Zankie, or for the rest of us.

Image: CBS