Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo's First Newlywed Photo Will Remind You That They're Cooler Than You — PHOTO

The wedding of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo was notable for more than just the opportunity to make a thousand "She Will Be Loved" jokes. Not only was Levine and Prinsloo's wedding officiated by Jonah Hill, but they also had a wedding reception that will make you turn to your husband or wife and wonder why they don't love you that much/why they couldn't be that rich. After tying the knot, Levine and Prinsloo disappeared on their honeymoon to an as of yet unknown location and all was quiet. At least, all was quiet until Monday when Adam Levine posted a selfie of himself and Prinsloo and gave us our first look at the newlyweds.

The picture was captioned with, "There is a strong situation going on here." Yes, Mr. Levine, we do have a situation here. Is it not enough that you got married in Cabo like every other celebrity ever? Is it not enough that you had three bands, one of which was your own, perform at your wedding? Is it not enough that your wife is beyond beautiful and you're both richer than we'll ever be? Now you have to rub it in by posting adorable photos of you judging me with your sunglasses? Rude much?

Prinsloo posted a photograph of her own to Instagram on Tuesday morning, just in case you weren't feeling inadequate enough from running over all the details of their engagement and wedding and looking at how much cooler they are than you in their first newlywed photo. Apparently, wherever they are, Prinsloo and Levine enjoyed a game of golf that culminated in some pool time.

Of course, the picture invites the age-old question of who exactly brings a kiddie pool with them to the beach, but when you're rich you basically get a free pass to be as eccentric as you want.

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine have never seemed happier and it's good to have confirmation that the couple didn't fall apart in the weeks after their wedding. It might have been unlikely for them to fall apart in the honeymoon stage, but with Beyoncé and Jay rumored to be on the verge of divorce, who knows what celebrity couples will fall apart next?

Image: adamlevine, behatiprinsloo/Instagram